Meet Our Scholars


Point Foundation is a champion for equal access to higher education and is proud that many Point Scholarship recipients are from racial and ethnic groups traditionally underrepresented on college campuses.

More than a third of Point Scholars identify as transgender or gender nonconforming, and a third of Point Scholars are first-generation college students.

In the last decade, Point has provided LGBTQ students with more than 400 scholarship awards. Point Scholars are ambitious, talented, and socially aware students who are the future leaders of the LGBTQ community.

Visit Point’s Community College Scholarship Program page to meet the 2022 recipients of these scholarships.

Fox Ostrowski-Guevara

The University of Texas at Austin

Meet Fox

Kishan Patel

University of California, Riverside School of Medicine

Meet Kishan

Ari Peró

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Synchrony Foundation Scholar

Meet Ari

Michael Pozos

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Meet Michael

Abigail Reed

University of South Florida

Victoria’s Secret & Co. Scholarship

Meet Abigail

Marc Ridgell

Washington University in St. Louis

Meet Marc

Sydney Rinehart

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Rand Skolnick Endowed Scholar

Meet Sydney

Ramon Salado Romo

Stanford University

Fry-Garatea Family Scholarship

Meet Ramon

Yvin Shin

Columbia University

Stacey R. Friedman Scholar

Meet Yvin

Devorah Simon

Stanford University

Ernst & Young Scholarship

Meet Devorah

Jenna Smith

Duke University

Wells Fargo Scholar

Meet Jenna

Ivy Stanton

University of Vermont

Barbara Epstein Foundation Scholar

Meet Ivy

Sean Sugai

University of California, Los Angeles

Anchor Trust Scholar

Meet Sean

Tyler Vazquez

Tennessee State University

Michael J. Jeffrey and Jeffrey J. Mitchell Scholar

Meet Tyler

Steven Wang

Columbia University

Minton Spidell Jackowski Scholarship

Meet Steven

Cara Weathers

Pacific University

Wells Fargo Scholar

Meet Cara

Jamar Williams

Harvard University (Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School)

Meet Jamar

Erin Wilson

Spelman College

Michael J. Jeffrey and Jeffrey J. Mitchell Point Scholar

Meet Erin

Matt Wood

Harvard Business School

Ernst & Young Scholar

Meet Matt