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What Disability Pride Means to Me

Point Alum Ashley Burnside was born with cerebral palsy, the most common childhood motor disability, and spent much of her childhood learning how to adapt. As a teenager, her experiences as both a young girl living with cerebral palsy and a lesbian prompted Ashley to meet with school boards and the Michigan House of Representatives […]

History & Definition of Nonbinary Gender

by Point Community College Alum Alexzander Baesten A significant portion of the skepticism around nonbinary identities stems from the fact that gender identity is being explored now more than ever. Our society is moving away from strict gender roles and allowing for more variance in gender expression, which encourages people to question and experiment with […]

Steven Wang

Born in Minnesota, Steven Wang grew up as the only son of Chinese immigrants in suburban Minneapolis, struggling with discrimination and prejudice from his hometown friends and family. In high school, Steven took steps in his journey toward acceptance by becoming a debater and using his public speaking skills as a leader in his organization […]

Matt Wood

Matt Wood was raised in San Diego, California. At Brown University, he served as a residential peer leader and an officer for the Queer Alliance. Matt will be starting his MBA at Harvard Business School in the Fall of 2022, exploring new ways to invest in education and workforce innovation. After business school, Matt plans […]

Fox Ostrowski-Guevara

Fox is a queer, transgender, Hispanic scholar, born and raised in San Antonio, Texas with passions for public education, social justice, and re-centering erased histories. Driven by alienation from friends and family upon first coming out, Fox set out to lay the foundations for community support that he had lacked. They co-founded MacArthur High School’s […]

Devorah Simon

Devorah Rena Simon was raised in New York City. In college, Devorah served as president of Gayvah, a group for Jewish queer students, and worked on Shtultz, a program for ultra-orthodox queer Jewish youth. Devorah will be pursuing her Master’s in Computer Science at Stanford University in the fall of 2022. While there, Devorah hopes […]

Ava Aimable

Ava Aimable was born and raised in Queens, NY. After coming out, Ava served as a mentor to fellow LGBTQ+ students to make them feel included in a Christian school. Furthermore, Ava is a founding member of her school’s first-ever Student Diversity and Inclusion Council, in which she brings forth and resolves issues with administration. […]

Chase Breaux

Chase Breaux was raised in Houston, Texas. He is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Black Studies. At Wabash, Breaux serves in various positions—such as Co-President of ‘shOUT, Alumni Committee Chairman for the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies, Co-Chair for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Democracy Fellow for the Wabash Democracy and […]

Aristotle X

Aristotle attended school in New Hampshire. In their time, they researched the trans-coding of contemporary American horror cinema, along with teaching a course on transgender theory and performance studies. Aristotle will be studying women’s and gender studies at Columbia University in the Fall of 2022. While there, Aristotle hopes to engage by continuing their involvement […]

Farid Hannan

Farid Hannan was born in Mexico and graduated with special distinctions from the ITAM Economics and International Relations joint degree program, where he has taught seminars. He received the ITAM Research Award for his work on economic growth, published a peer-reviewed article about diplomatic history and has been invited to speak at the Woodrow Wilson […]