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October 18, 2013


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Scholar Tommy Craven Produces Short Film with Max von Essen

October 18, 2013

Photo: Filming trailer for BLONDE in New York City

Bob Fennell Point Scholar Tommy Craven begins production on the short film BLONDE starring Max von Essen in late October. BLONDE explores the germination of sociopathological behavior in a young woman (Annabelle Attanasio), as she navigates the waters of life, work and love.  Her fastidiousness requires that all facets of her life be in balance at all times – and at all costs. She meets a young man (Max von Essen) and his charm and sweetness threaten to derail everything she has built – or is he just a part of her bigger plan?

Blonde_logoBLONDE is a short thriller written by Joanna Strange. It first appeared as a short story in Vitrine: A Printed Museum, a quarterly publication curated by Alexander Cavaluzzo, an NYU Tisch Master’s Graduate. Strange is a New York based film/theatre artist who has directed and assistant directed all over the east coast and also internationally.

Tommy recently wrapped his first short film with director Sarah Bartley, titled “Untitled Father Project” which will debut later this year. Tommy works for a producer in the creative services department at HBO, as well as serves as a film curator for the 2014 Gallatin Arts Festival at NYU. Last year, he made his directorial debut in theater with the premier of his original play, Echappe, about trans identities. Through his studies at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Tommy develops and writes material that is proactive for the LGBTQ community as well as gender minorities. Tommy is excited to be a Producer for BLONDE, his second professional film, and finds the material very compelling in its representation of a strong female character with a twist.

Tommy hopes this experience as Producer will help  put his career in gear even before graduating in May 2015. While a strong portfolio will be essential after school, the chance to network and apply information from class on a well-regarded film will better prepare him to work in the industry. Having worked at HBO, Viacom, and Tribeca Film Festival and currently taking a variety of NYU classes on producing and physical production, Tommy begins work on BLONDE confident that he has the academic and professional experience to contribute to the film’s  success.

Of the stars in the film, the well-known Max von Essen recently completed a successful run in the Broadway revival of Evita, playing the role of Agustin Magaldi and covering Ricky Martin in the role of Che. He has starred in a number of Broadway shows, as well as made  has numerous television and film appearances including Gossip Girl, The Beautiful Life, The Today Show, The Rosie O’Donnell Show and Sex And The City 2.

Annabelle Attanasio is a young actress, writer, and director. She attends NYU Gallatin as a third-year student. Currently, Annabelle is starring in Uncle Vanya on the Columbia Graduate Mainstage. Daryl Eisenberg is the Casting Director for the Off-Broadway productions of Miss Abigail’s Guide To Dating, Mating, and Marriage, My Big Gay Italian Wedding, Tales From The Tunnel, White’s Lies, My First Time, and The Awesome 80s Prom.

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Watch a video of the trailer

This post was written by Point Staff with information provided by Bob Fennell Point Scholar Tommy Craven
Growing up in the conservative, small town of Jasper, IN, Tommy learned the appreciation for hard work and commitment from his single mother supporting five children. Tommy hopes to expand his efforts for the LGBT community and motivate awareness through film, TV and other media outlets.  Learn more about Tommy.

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