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October 17, 2013


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#AskPointScholars Responds to Question: Should I apply even though I don’t...

October 17, 2013

Point Foundation invites students to submit questions online about applying for scholarships which are answered by Point Scholars. Below is a question from our #AskPointScholars Inbox:

I reviewed the bios of the Point Scholars on the Point webpage and they are all so accomplished and are doing amazing work. Should I apply even though I don’t feel as qualified?

Student at laptop“The important thing for your application is not the quantity of your achievements, but the quality,” says Voices On Point Scholar Greg Davis.  “If you have only one or two things you've done to make a difference to LGBT people, then focus intensely on the who, what, when, where, and how you made a difference.  Sometimes, even coming out of the closet at all can save another's life - far more of an accomplishment than many of us have gained.  Reflect on your life to date, give yourself credit for all you have done, and apply.”

Ashley adds, “I also had this same anxiety. Everyone has their own story to offer and their own strengths. Even if you feel that you are not as qualified as current or past scholars, that does not mean that you are not. Point Foundation wants to help as many different and diverse students as possible, and the fact that your qualifications may be different from those of the current scholars may be what makes you stand out. Be proud of what you have accomplished, and don’t be afraid to apply.”

Nick says he too initially felt the same way.  “When I first found Point Foundation’s web site and read the bios, I saw each as another reason I wouldn't get the scholarship. When I made it through to the finalist round, I was absolutely convinced I was in way over my head. Whereas everyone was a leader in the fight for LGBTQA equality and making strides in their respective queer communities, I was the captain of the cheerleading team and most of my community service centered on my animal rights charity. Yet Point saw something in me that was worth investing in; something I didn't quite see myself. Point isn't looking for an army of LGBTQA robots, but highly unique individuals that contribute something different to the modern queer community and society. They're not looking for ANOTHER Point Scholar. Rather, they're searching for the NEXT Point Scholar, and that may be YOU.”

Visit for more information about Point Foundation's Scholarship. If you have a question about applying for scholarships, submit your question to #AskPointScholars today.


[ Photo credit: K. Sawyer Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC ]

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