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We empower our scholars to take bold steps every day of their lives.

We empower our scholars to take bold steps every day of their lives.


Point provides its scholars and alumni with a variety of leadership activities and events throughout the year. These include a biennial National Leadership Conference, Regional Leadership Forums, and Leadership Education and Affinities Development (LEAD) conferences.

At these events, scholars and alumni receive intensive training through workshops and panel discussions about leadership techniques, community service guidance, approaches to advocacy, career coaching, and personal development skills. Guest speakers often include notable elected officials, authors, business leaders, and artists.


Point believes that effective leadership requires a commitment to community engagement. In consultation with their mentors, all Point Scholars are required to design and complete an annual Community Service Project (CSP) that will positively impact the LGBTQ community. CSPs provide our scholars with a valuable learning experience in civic engagement and intergenerational leadership development. Through their CSPs, Point Scholars give back to and strengthen the LGBTQ community. Updates about scholar CSPs often are posted on Point’s ViewPoint blog.

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