Point Foundation Scholarships FAQs

Follow our tips to stand out in your scholarship application. Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements. Find these specifics in each scholarship page.

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FAQs and eligibility
for all scholarship programs

Eligibility requirements for Point scholarships

Point Foundation programs support LGBTQ students pursuing higher education in community colleges and schools, as well as four year degree-granting institutions. Students seeking to renew their scholarship, or transition from one scholarship to another can apply for the renewal or new scholarship, but can not receive more than one Point scholarship at a time.

Candidates for any scholarship must identify as “out” members of the LGBTQ community because student names are made public on Point communication channels and within the organization.


-+I don’t know if I consider myself to be “out.” Should I still apply?

If selected as a scholarship recipient, your name and photo will be displayed on the Point Foundation website and may be distributed on other venues. Please determine if you are comfortable with this requirement before participating in our application process.

-+I do not know yet where I will be attending college, can I still apply to be a Point Scholar?

Yes. You neither have to be enrolled nor accepted to a particular program/university to apply to be a Point Scholar.

-+Is there an age limit to apply to become a Point Scholar?

No, there is no age limit to be eligible to become a Point Scholar. You may apply at any time during either your education or career as long as you plan to be enrolled full-time.

-+If my career goals are not exclusively focused on the LGBTQ community may I still apply?

Yes, Point selects scholars whom it believes have made a contribution to the LGBTQ community and who will continue to do so in the future. Some scholars will choose a career that focuses on the LGBTQ community, and others will use their skills and influence in other ways while not working full time on LGBTQ issues. Talent and a drive to contribute to society are key characteristics of a Point Scholar. Point welcomes accomplished scholars in all fields.

-+I am not sure that I qualify (or identify) as having financial need, but I am confident that I have many of the other strengths (history of leadership, dedication to a field, etc.). Should I still apply?

Yes, you may qualify and should apply. Point’s selection committee weighs all facets of each person’s application. Point supports scholars who have a variety of needs and who demonstrate a record of accomplishment and high achievement.

-+Are Point’s scholarship awards restricted to any specific geographic regions?

Point’s application process is open to all college students attending accredited institutions anywhere in the United States, aside from US territories.

-+Does Point provide scholarships to undocumented or international students?

Yes, Point’s application process is open to all college students regardless of citizenship. Undocumented students and international students are eligible to apply if they are enrolling or intending to enroll at an accredited college or university based in the United States.

-+If I’m selected as a finalist, will there be an in-person interview?

No, we will be virtual for our finalist stage. Students will be asked to submit a video. More details provided to those who reach this stage.

-+If I apply and am not selected as a Point Scholar, may I reapply?

Yes, applicants may reapply the following year. Point does not keep copies of semifinalist or finalist materials from your previous application. Each returning applicant should submit the most current and competitive information possible, and not recycle their previous application.

-+Can I apply early to any of the scholarships?

Each scholarship has a specific application period during the year. Each application submitted in that period is reviewed equally by Point application readers. Point recommends submitting your application as soon as you have the materials ready. Submitting your application during the earlier days of the application window can mean that, if you advance to the finalist period, you may be notified early and have more time to prepare finalist materials.

-+How will I know if Point received my scholarship application?

Point’s online application system generates a pop-up window confirming your submission has been received. No emails are generated and sent. Applicants who are selected as semifinalists will be notified by email. Please be sure to check your spam folder just in case. Scholarship applicants who are not selected to move forward will not receive any further email notifications from Point.

-+Can I submit a paper scholarship application?

Scholarship applications may only be submitted online. Faxed or mailed applications will not be considered.

-+I attended high school, college and/or community college a long time ago and have recently re-enrolled. I don’t remember all my previous GPAs. What should I do?

If you have contacted your previous schools and still cannot attain your GPA, please estimate to the best of your abilities. If you absolutely cannot remember, please specify that you do not have access to an accurate GPA.

-+Will Point Foundation contact the employers, supervisors, and references I list in my application?

Point reserves the right to contact any of the individuals or entities listed in your application.

-+When will I know if I have been selected as a finalist?

Please review the deadlines and dates details on each individual scholarship program for timeline details.

-+Will I need to submit any supplemental information?

Finalists will receive notification if supplemental information is required.


For all other questions and concerns, please email applications@pointfoundation.org.