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Anxious about freshman year? Wondering how to get involved in LGBTQ advocacy while at school? Curious about the benefits of mentoring? Ask the people who have been through it all – our Point Scholars and Alumni!

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Ask a Scholar: What social activities can I host in my community to combat homophobia?

November 5, 2019

  Rosie from Virginia asked: “What social activities can I host in my community to combat homophobia?”   HSBC Point Scholar Lucas Dickerson responded: To battle homophobia, it’s best to start small and with love. In my case, having an area full of homophobia has a dire lack of community for those who may feel […]

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Ask a Scholar: Do you have any advice for someone applying for a Point scholarship for a second time?

November 2, 2016

Question: Hi! I applied last year and made it to the semi-finalist round. My test scores are very mediocre, but I have SO many other things going on to speak to my capabilities. Last year when I applied, it was my first year in my doctoral program. This year, my CV is super beefed up, […]

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Ask a Scholar: Is it harder to be considered by Point if you haven’t attended college yet?

July 7, 2016

Question: I was looking through the previous Point Scholars and it seems to me that the majority of the students are already college level and have more real world experience than I do. Is it harder to be considered for Point as someone who hasn’t attended college yet?   Point Scholar Grace Wickerson responds: Real world experience can […]

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