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November 04, 2019


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Ask a Scholar: What social activities can I host in my community to combat...

November 04, 2019


Rosie from Virginia asked: "What social activities can I host in my community to combat homophobia?"


HSBC Point Scholar Lucas Dickerson responded:

To battle homophobia, it's best to start small and with love. In my case, having an area full of homophobia has a dire lack of community for those who may feel isolated or without support. The best events you could plan out are events that focus on love and support. Whenever I hosted events in community college, my main goal was to let others know that there were people out there experiencing similar trials as them, and it's important to establish those kinds of connections. Nothing is more isolating than feeling like you're the "only one out there," so to speak. My most successful events were those that were simple and community-involved, such as a movie night or an art night (even cheap art supplies, like the tiny canvases, will expect a decent turnout!). I hope that your journey to battle homophobia in your community is met with this kind of love and fulfillment, and it's important to never give up!


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