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January 05, 2016


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Ask A Scholar: Are Performing Arts Extra-Curricular Activities?

January 05, 2016

Johnny asks:

"I am a performer who has devoted most of my life to being on stage. What could I do to make my application stand out when I have little formal work or volunteer experience? I feel as if the only way I have impacted the LGBTQ community is by being an out singer, actor, and dancer. . I wasn't the president of the GSA club or a daily volunteer at an LGBTQ center. I have not been formally employed yet as a freshman in college. ... I need advice on how to make myself stand out on paper when I haven't been formally employed nor have I had the time to volunteer often due to performances."

stage heart

Point Scholar Brittany Balkcom says:

"As someone studying music performance, I had similar questions going into the Point application process. Chances are, you’ve had more of an impact than you realize! The committee considers all of your extracurricular and work/volunteer experience, so try to make the most of the things you have done. When I applied, the work I’d done for a music non-profit outweighed the work I’d done for LGBTQ organizations; but I think what was important is that I could show leadership potential through the former, and passion for LGBTQ activism through the latter. And of course — you said it — visibility matters, too! My best advice is to represent your true self (don’t overthink it!), show your potential, and express your dedication to working with and for the LGBTQ community. Best of luck to you!"

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