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Hear directly from Point Scholars and Alumni through the blog.

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Hear directly from Point Scholars and Alumni through the blog.

Point Alum Ashley Burnside was born with cerebral palsy, the most common childhood motor disability, and spent much of her childhood learning how to adapt. As a teenager, her experiences as both a...

November 05, 2019, teampoint

Ask a Scholar: What social activities can I host in my community to combat homophobia?

  Rosie from Virginia asked: "What social activities can I host in my community to combat...

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November 02, 2016, teampoint

Ask a Scholar: Do you have any advice for someone applying for a Point scholarship for a second time?

  Question: Hi! I applied last year and made it to the semi-finalist round. My test scores are very...

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July 07, 2016, teampoint

Ask a Scholar: Is it harder to be considered by Point if you haven't attended college yet?

Question: I was looking through the previous Point Scholars and it seems to me that the majority of...

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June 06, 2016, Eugene Patron

Ask a Scholar: Does a bad grade sink my chance of becoming a Point Scholar?

Question:  “I am an excellent student, but my math class destroyed me this semester. In the sea of...

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May 10, 2016, Eugene Patron

Ask A Scholar: What can I do to make my application stand out?

Question: "I applied for this scholarship for the first time, but I did not make the final cut....

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January 13, 2016, teampoint

Ask A Scholar: How Selective is a Point Scholarship

A Frequently Asked Question: "How selective is a Point Foundation Scholarship?"   Point Scholar...

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January 05, 2016, teampoint

Ask A Scholar: Are Performing Arts Extra-Curricular Activities?

Johnny asks: "I am a performer who has devoted most of my life to being on stage. What could I do...

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November 17, 2015, teampoint

#AskAScholar: Can I apply if I have not been accepted to school yet?

Trent asks:       Am I able to apply for the scholarship before my acceptance into graduate school?...

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November 10, 2015, teampoint

#AskAScholar: Will my scholarship carry over from undergraduate to graduate school?

David asks:     I am currently a junior at university and I am applying for this scholarship for my...

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December 30, 2015, teampoint

#AskPointScholars Responds to Question: Who did scholars ask to proofread their application?

Point Scholar Ashley Burnside says:      While I was applying to the Point Foundation, I had a...

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January 23, 2014, teampoint

#AskPointScholars Responds to Question: How is your life now that you go to college and live openly?

Voices On Point Scholar Gregory Davis says: Life after high school is great!   Living freely and...

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January 15, 2014, teampoint

#AskPointScholars Responds to Question About Projects Completed as a Point Scholar

Phyllis Mandler & Gary Elden Point Scholar Mary Susman says:  I have been a Point Scholar since...

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