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Discover stories about how Point Foundation LGBTQ students, alumni and network are impacting communities world-wide. 

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Discover stories about how Point Foundation LGBTQ students, alumni and network are impacting communities world-wide. 

The rights of LGBTQ people nationwide are under attack. In the past year, legislators erased LGBTQ identities from schools and sports, and cut funding for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on...

November 02, 2016, teampoint

Ask a Scholar: Do you have any advice for someone applying for a Point scholarship for a second time?

Question: Hi! I applied last year and made it to the semi-finalist round. My test scores are very...

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July 07, 2016, teampoint

Ask a Scholar: Is it harder to be considered by Point if you haven't attended college yet?

Question: I was looking through the previous Point Scholars and it seems to me that the majority of...

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March 16, 2016, teampoint

Playing It Forward: A Sports Role Model

By William J. Levy Point Scholar Atticus DeProspo I am aware that the world of college athletics is...

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March 07, 2016, teampoint

An die Musik

By Wells Fargo Point Scholar Gabriel Maffuz-Anker I can honestly say that music saved my life. I’ve...

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March 01, 2016, teampoint

What’s the Point? A Journey of Existentialism in College

By Point Scholar Joan Mosyjowski Going to college gave me the opportunity to build a new life from...

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February 03, 2016, teampoint

Weaving A Coming Out Safety Net

by HSBC Point Scholar Angelique Gonzalez When it comes to allyship in the LGBTQ community, I’ve...

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January 26, 2016, teampoint

Tips for Transitioning to Fieldwork: Preparing for Your First Expedition as an FTM Grad Student

by Point Scholar Shayle Matsuda Last year, 2015, was a big year. I defended my biology masters’...

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January 14, 2016, teampoint

Making a Fresh Start (With Help!)

For many of us, New Years Day is an opportunity for a fresh start. Whether it’s a resolution to be...

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December 16, 2015, teampoint

The Hidden History of our Words

Many of us in the “community” often use the terms LGBTQ out of habit, perhaps stopping to add or...

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December 09, 2015, teampoint

10 Life and Death Lessons Learned at The CIA  

There’s a sharp learning curve when going to school at the world’s premier culinary college....

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December 04, 2015, teampoint

Conducting Research and Trying to Stay Afloat

Entering my freshman year at Oklahoma State University, I knew one thing was certain: I would try...

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November 24, 2015, teampoint

10,000 Days of Graditude

On November 14th of this year, I passed a milestone. Although my birthday is in June and receiving...

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