Question: I was looking through the previous Point Scholars and it seems to me that the majority of the students are already college level and have more real world experience than I do. Is it harder to be considered for Point as someone who hasn’t attended college yet?


Point Scholar Grace Wickerson responds:

Real world experience can mean a lot of things, and having some doesn’t require you to be in college. The Point Foundation considers applicants who have a “proven track record of leadership and community involvement” and work for the “betterment of the LGBTQ community,” which can mean a lot of things. Participating in opportunities such as starting a GSA at your school or leading a public pride rally are both really awesome things that Point Scholars have done while still in high school.

Throughout my entire application and interview process, I was treated no differently than if I had applied while already in college. The Point Foundation staff regarded my high school accomplishments – such as founding and leading a couple of clubs in my high school – in the same light as those from a college student. They look for passionate people who want to make a difference for LGBTQ people, and if that sounds like you, in addition to having the grades and leadership to back it up, then you are an excellent candidate for Point, no matter your age.


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