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December 12, 2021

Hope Harris

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A Message from Jorge Valencia, Executive Director & CEO

December 12, 2021
Hope Harris

Photo: Jorge Valencia, Point Foundation's Executive Director & CEO

As we approach 2022, we are now able to look back on a full year and a half of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Point Foundation’s work. Throughout the year, we have gained strength from your staunch support and, most of all, from the resilience and continued accomplishments of our Point Scholars.

When COVID-19 forced campuses across the country to shut down last year, many students were left with no campus housing, no meal plans, no internet access, and in many cases, no jobs. Point immediately stepped in and provided scholars with the support they needed thanks to you and many generous donors to our COVID Emergency Fund. Although vaccines and other advancements in care and treatment are mitigating the impact of the pandemic, we are continuing to provide essential support through our Emergency Fund as student needs arise.

Back in June, we were proud to announce that Point would be supporting a record 389 students in the 2021-22 academic year. This number comprises 59 Flagship Scholars, 58 Community College Scholars, 170 BIPOC Scholars, and 102 Opportunity Grant recipients. We could not do this without your support!

Throughout our conversations this year, with scholars, educators, our volunteers, and donors like you, we’ve heard one common refrain: “we miss our community.” It is so vital to Point’s work that we create the environment that encourages scholars to embrace their full selves, whatever that may mean for each individual, and find a community of support. Now, as campuses re-open and students return, they are re-establishing the ties of support that help them navigate their college experience and succeed. And we are here, as always, to help.

That is why we were excited to launch our first-ever Out in Higher Ed awareness week on November 1 to bring scholars, educators, and supporters together virtually in celebration of community. This year’s campaign (November 1-5) included social media activations, videos from scholars, educators, and supporters and closed with a fantastic panel of Point scholars sharing their experiences as leaders on campus. We look forward to adding more components to Out in Higher Ed next year! Learn more about Graciela, Ranen, and Kelvin, who participated in the conversation with Point friend Thomas Roberts, journalist and host of DailyMailTV.

Thank you for your continuing generosity and as you consider your year-end charitable giving, I hope you will consider Point. Wishing you happy holidays and a healthy new year!

This message was written by Point Foundation Executive Director & CEO Jorge Valencia for the December 2021 On Point Point Foundation Newsletter. Read the full newsletter here.

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