2019 Palm Springs Cornerstone Society Reception

Join Point Foundation Scholars, Alumni and supporters as we gather for another exciting Cornerstone event in Palm Springs. The evening will feature remarks from Point Scholars and Staff to help increase awareness of Point’s mission and work, as well as an introduction on how individuals and companies can help support Point’s programs and initiatives.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

The art-filled home of Gil Rose & Stan Russell in Palm Springs
(address will be provided with your confirmation of attendance)

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Point Foundation helps to create a positive, lasting change in the LGBTQ community and the world through investment in education - and we invite you to join them! Join us and learn about how Point empowers the next generation of LGBTQ leaders through scholarship, community service, leadership training and development. For more information, contact James Ramsey, Development Manager West  here.

Silver Sponsors

Gil Rose & Stan Russell

Liquor Sponsor

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Host Committee Members

David Anderson
David Azulay & Andre Caraco
Mark Braun
Steve Cius
Jeff Garatea & Larry Fryˣ
Tony Hoyt & Mark Daniels
Geno Leyval & Daniel Varela
Joe McCormack^ & Gary Hunter
Jeff Ogle & Jeff Stearns
Jim Patton*
Stan Russell & Gil Rose
Eddie Santos*
James Williams* & Marc Wenderoff
David Zippel & Michael Johnston

*Board of Directors
†Founder Emeritus
^Emeritus Board Member
ˣNamed Scholarship Donor