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9/23/22 11:03 AM

Point Foundation - The National LGBTQ Scholarship Fund

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Out in Higher Ed Week

9/23/22 11:03 AM
Point Foundation - The National LGBTQ Scholarship Fund


Out in Higher Education Week is a time to highlight LGBTQ voices in higher education and give people a platform to share what the LGBTQ community needs to thrive out loud. From Oct. 31-Nov. 4 Point Foundation will hold virtual events and discussions, centering students' experiences, and providing resources for students, academic leaders, and community supporters in order to improve the environment at places of higher learning.

Why? More than a third of LGBTQ students say their gender or sexual orientation was a factor in being denied higher education services. Additionally, 41% of Point's applicants report that they delayed their educational pursuits because of the cost and lack of familial support. Out In Higher Ed Week not only helps students find community support but is a way to share resources for students, academic leaders, and allies to improve the academic environment for LGBTQ students.


Use the resources below to support LGBTQ students in your school or community!



  • Learn best practices for working with student activists with our new educator resource!

  • Write a message of affirmation to LGBTQ students in higher ed across the country.
  • Share info about the Point Flagship and Community College scholarships with your students when applications open.

  • Listen to LGBTQ students discuss what they need to thrive at school


Show LGBTQ students your commitment to supporting equity in schools, colleges, and universities. Sign the Out in Higher Ed Week Pledge and leave a message of hope for Point Scholars.


Why pledge?
LGBTQ students deal with bullying, rejection, and higher rates of homelessness and violence. For many LGBTQ students, college represents the chance to not only advance their education, but to find a community that is more accepting than their hometowns, or even their own families. Your pledge is a sign to Point Scholars that they are not alone and is a signal that you will continue to advocate for LGBTQ students everywhere.

What does my pledge do?
Your note and pledge will help LGBTQ students see that they are supported by a community, and we hope your pledge will inspire you to educate yourself and take action to support LGBTQ people in achieving their academic goals.

How else can I help?
Need ideas on how you can support LGBTQ students and advocates? Read through Point-produced resources for:

Or consider supporting Point! We able to help hundreds of scholars every year thanks to supporters like you. Consider giving a gift today.

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