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Feb 9, 2024 3:15:00 AM

Point Foundation - The National LGBTQ Scholarship Fund

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FBI Hate Crime Analysis Highlights Need for LGBTQ Student Support

Feb 9, 2024 3:15:00 AM
Point Foundation - The National LGBTQ Scholarship Fund

Now is the time for action to support LGBTQ students on campuses nationwide. An FBI analysis released at the end of January shows that American schools are not safe for LGBTQ students, who are one of the top three targeted groups in colleges and universities.

Jorge Headshot (1)“It’s an outrage to see this data that proves schools can be so unsafe for LGBTQ students, especially considering that they turn to college for an opportunity to find acceptance that they didn’t receive in their hometowns,” said Point Foundation Executive Director and CEO, Jorge Valencia. “We can’t rely on the current system to protect students and allow them to excel in higher education. We need change now for the sake of our students, for the sake of the future of our country.”

Point recognizes that supporting diverse populations, like LGBTQ students, is becoming harder for academic leaders because of pressure from government leaders and interest groups forcing schools to decrease their LGBTQ and DEI programming. This means national organizations like Point Foundation will become even more vital to the safety and success of LGBTQ students in higher ed.

We share our deepest sympathy with the victims, families, and communities of LGBTQ students who face discrimination anywhere.

Data shows Discrimination Against LGBTQ Students on Campus

The FBI analysis of hate crimes in the United States in the past five years revealed that schools are in the top three locations where the crimes are reported. Schools (k-12 and higher ed institutions) represent 10% of all hate crime locations in the US. LGBTQ students are one of the top three targeted groups in these school-based hate crimes.

College and university crimes represent about 23% of the total school hate crimes reported in 2022, and the FBI reports that crimes committed on campus increased 38% between 2018-2022.

This analysis is reflective of the recent national report Point issued in partnership with the Williams Institute that shows LGBTQ students are more likely to face mistreatment on campuses than their non-LGBTQ peers. More than 32% of LGBTQ students reported bullying, harassment, or assault on four-year university campuses in 2021 compared to 19% of their non-LGBTQ peers. This harassment comes at the hands of students, as well as staff, faculty, and administration on campus. LGBTQ students are also twice as likely as their non-LGBTQ peers to change something about their identity or appearance to avoid discrimination (16% vs 7%).

Point Foundation Aims to Make Campuses Equitable and Safe

To make campuses a safe place where LGBTQ students can learn and grow skills to create meaningful impact in their communities, Point offers a growing number of scholarships to students, as well as leadership programming, mentorship, and community connection.

Point also partners with campus changemakers to:

  • Create scholarship/financial aid partnerships.
  • Provide Point Scholarship information sessions and application support.
  • Bring Point LGBTQ student leadership development programming to campuses.
  • Provide college application and decision programming for high school students and parents.
  • Train faculty and staff on LGBTQ inclusion and student support.
  • Consult academic leaders on how to identify their LGBTQ students’ needs.

How You Can Support LGBTQ Students

Support LGBTQ students by using these LGBTQ resources to foster community, and build LGBTQ-accepting environments on campus:

For Students

For staff, faculty, and administrators

For Allies

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