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Discover stories about how Point Foundation LGBTQ students, alumni and network are impacting communities world-wide. 

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Discover stories about how Point Foundation LGBTQ students, alumni and network are impacting communities world-wide. 

The rights of LGBTQ people nationwide are under attack. In the past year, legislators erased LGBTQ identities from schools and sports, and cut funding for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on...

August 23, 2023, Point Foundation - The National LGBTQ Scholarship Fund

How to Find an LGBTQ Affirming Therapist: 3 Questions to Ask

Choosing a therapist can be a daunting task, especially if you're part of the LGBTQ community....

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December 01, 2022, teampoint

Honoring World AIDS Day

Faces of Point: Jahn Jaramillo Jahn Jaramillo, a Point Flagship Scholar pursuing a PhD in...

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November 15, 2022, teampoint

The Intersection of Indigenous and LGBTQ Identities

For Point Scholars like Z Wilbanks, the personal is very much political. A Two Spirit individual...

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August 19, 2022, teampoint

3 Strategies for Managing Stress as an LGBTQ Student

Long-term or chronic student stress can interfere with studying, class attendance, grades, and...

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July 01, 2022, teampoint

What Disability Pride Month Means to Me

What does disability pride mean? Every July, Disability Pride Month commemorates the passage of the...

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December 07, 2021, Manny Faria

Handling Holiday Stress as an LGBTQ Student

Why do Holidays Cause Stress? Holidays are stressful for everyone— there’s pressure related to...

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June 01, 2021, Andrae Vigil-Romero


When John Baird was young, the only gay bar close to his hometown in northern Mississippi was...

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March 06, 2019, teampoint

Working to get accessible HIV testing on campus

Being a Point Scholar means that I have the opportunity to create a Community Service Project each...

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January 01, 2019, teampoint

Significant Impact

Mission: Point Foundation empowers promising LGBTQ students to achieve their full academic and...

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October 19, 2018, teampoint

Reproductive health is also LGBTQ health

I have always been cognizant of the health disparities and difficulty in accessing care that is...

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September 20, 2018, teampoint

Working to include LGBTQ students in health education

Reminiscing on my high school and middle school career, I recognize how fortunate I was to have at...

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May 01, 2018, teampoint

The language of my queer difference

Photo by: Nicolas Vigier “Hola tío, que majo eres!” Since arriving in Madrid in January for my...

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