Scholar Attendee Information

Building Community, Rising Together.

We are thrilled to provide you with the opportunity to meet and connect with other scholars from around the nation at Point’s National Leadership Conference. Each session of the conference has been designed to encourage collaboration and build community. Come celebrate Point's diverse network of passionate leaders.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Ends Saturday, June 4, 2022

Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza
251 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

The National Leadership Conference is not a public event; only Point scholars, leadership and alums who receive an invitation may RSVP.

Emergency Phone Lines

(213) 880-7080
(213) 952-0285

For general information, including the schedule, visit the general conference page.


We want to see you at the National Leadership Conference!

Point Foundation covers all conference related travel, hotel, and meal costs for Point Flagship Scholars.

At the conference, Scholars will build relationships with other Point Scholars, celebrate LGBTQ communities, and strengthen skills for advocating and influencing change. In addition to workshops and panel discussions with noted LGBTQ community members and allies, the conference offers attendees the opportunity to connect with one another in meaningful ways.  

After registering, Scholars who need to fly to Los Angeles will be contacted by our travel agency to book their itinerary.  Upon arriving at the hotel, you will receive your hotel room assignment for the duration of your stay. 

We look forward to spending time with each of you and hearing your opinions and about your experiences. 

Please note, Point will capture photos and video throughout the conference, and these may be used in Point’s marketing materials. By entering the venue and participating in National Leadership Conference programming, you consent to Point Foundation and its contracted agents using your image and likeness. Individuals may opt out of having their photos taken or being filmed by contacting

Conference details

Travel reimbursement
Checked baggage and transportation fees from the scholar’s home to the airport, bus, or train station are reimbursed by Point Foundation. Scholars must submit receipts to be reimbursed for these expenses after the conference. Send receipts directly to Darrin Wilstead by June 15.

Our travel agency will work with scholars who need to fly to Los Angeles to book their flights. To start the travel booking process, first register for the conference. Shortly after registering, each scholar will be contacted by our travel agency. Expenses for this conference are fully covered by Point Foundation. If any initial out-of-pocket expenses may prohibit you from attending the conference, please contact Darrin Wilstead so we can ensure you are able to attend!

Conference location
The conference registration, session, and all events will take place at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel. 

Scholars will receive a per diem for meals that are not provided on site at the conference. During the conference program, catered meals are provided by the hotel, so this amount will be reduced commensurate with the number of meals provided in a day. Per diem for meals does not require receipt tracking.

Rooms will be assigned by Point based on who registers. Scholars will be assigned a roommate based on registration information, so please register as soon as possible.

Hotel check-in process
All Scholars, unless otherwise arranged, are expected to check in at the front desk of the hotel upon arrival. Rooms are usually available by 4:00 p.m. each day, but the hotel will do its best to have your room ready for you as soon as possible.

Hotel cost
The full cost of your room – including tax – will be covered by Point. Incidentals such as room service, pay-per-view movies, etc. will not be covered by Point. If you would like the option of incurring such incidental costs during your stay,  you will need to provide the hotel with a credit card that you are authorized to use.

Social media
Share your photos and experience with the Point Foundation. Use #PointNLC in your social media posts, and tag @pointfoundation.

Dress code
The dress code at the National Leadership Conference is business casual. Graduating scholars will attend the Los Angeles Point Honors Gala, which is business professional.

Gender-inclusive bathrooms
Gender-inclusive bathrooms will be designated in the conference center.

Code of Conduct

Point is committed to fostering a rich and dynamic learning space that is safe and accessible and embraces the diversity of our Scholars, staff, board, trustees, and network. In all activities, we embrace our diverse nature, inclusive of age, gender, race, geographic origin, education, disability, class, professional experience, culture, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs. In that spirit, we ask that participants follow these guidelines to ensure that the program is a safe and open space for everyone. If you experience or witness any breaches of the code of conduct below, please feel empowered to address the situation with the person(s) responsible and/or contact a Point staff member. You may report issues to

Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying, Language: Point has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, discriminatory or inflammatory language, unwanted advances of any kind, or conduct that is unbecoming in a professional setting

Embrace Inclusiveness: We are committed to overcoming overt and latent discrimination based on racial, ethnic, and/or cultural background. Racist and discriminatory comments or attitudes will not be tolerated under any circumstance. If you have any concerns about the etiquette or behavior of any participant, please notify a Point staff member.

Avoid Assumptions: Each of us is a complex individual, from how we pursue our passions and interests, to how we view our sexuality and gender identity. Do not assume a person’s gender or pronouns based on your own perception of their gender expression. Be understanding as people process their gender identities and sexual orientations at their own pace. A person’s pronouns and name may change a number of times. Please respect anyone’s choice of preferred gender pronouns or any other self-identification. Preferred gender pronouns are printed clearly on each person’s name tag.

Non-Sexist/Gender-Inclusive Language & Etiquette: Please keep in mind that a person’s external appearance might not match your perception of gender identity. Please use non-sexist and gender-inclusive or ungendered language during the program. Try using phrases like “the person in the red shirt,” instead of “that woman” or “that man.” Another solution is to address people by name until you can meet and get to know that person’s pronouns. All derogatory, misogynistic, and emasculating terms and phrases are treated as inappropriate language. We all make mistakes; if you make a mistake, like using the incorrect pronoun, apologize to the parties involved.

Respect Boundaries: Before asking someone a question related to their gender identity or sexual orientation, ask yourself if the answer is necessary, given the work that you are doing with them. This practice may help you reflect on the appropriateness of your curiosity and prevent you from crossing people’s boundaries.

Violating Code of Conduct: If you experience or observe a violation of this commitment, we encourage you to speak first with the person who is behaving inappropriately. If that is not possible, we urge you to contact any Point staff member. We will follow up and determine the corrective action necessary to restore the safety and mutual respect that we are committed to fostering.