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November 10, 2015


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#AskAScholar: Will my scholarship carry over from undergraduate to...

November 10, 2015

David asks:    

2015 Point Foundation Candidate 04/30/2015

I am currently a junior at university and I am applying for this scholarship for my senior year. My question is, if I am applying to medical school next year, would the scholarship would transfer from undergraduate to graduate school?

Wells Fargo Point Scholar Marcus Lee answers:

Point Scholarships support the entirety or remainder of one undergraduate or graduate program, depending on the time of your award. If you are selected to be a Point Scholar this year, your funding will cover the final year of your undergraduate program, but not carry over to your medical school. If you would like to be a Point Scholar for your medical school, you are more than welcome to apply again next year. Point supported me during my undergraduate program, and is currently supporting me as I work towards my Ph.D!

Point Foundation invites perspective applicants to submit questions online about scholarships, community involvement, mentoring, and more. Visit our application page for more information about Point Foundation's Scholarship.

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