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November 09, 2022


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Out In Higher Education: Building Community & Making Change on Campus

November 09, 2022

Our closing panel for #OutInHigherEd Week 2022 streamed across Point's social media platforms on November 4. Point Scholars Ari Peró, Jo Lew, and Jose Gamboa shared their experiences being out in higher education spaces, advocating for LGBTQ student rights and resources at school, working with higher education administration to improve LGBTQ-inclusion, and finding and building community on campus.

This year’s panel was introduced by actor and LGBTQ and HIV activist Javier Muñoz, who received the Point Impact Award at Point Honors Los Angeles in May. Our host is Alex Cooper, the Digital Director at The Advocate. The panelists, listed below, span all three Point Scholarship programs and represent different geographic regions, gender identities, sexual orientations, and areas of study.

Jose Gamboa grew up in Venezuela, and has been living in the Central Florida area for the past five years as a political refugee. He recently transferred from Seminole State College to the University of Central Florida, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s in International and Global studies. As a Point Community College Scholar, Jose took part in the 2022 Spring Scholar Showcase, which you can watch here.

Jo Lew started their journey with Point as a Point BIPOC Scholar and is now a senior at Southern Methodist University as a Point Flagship Scholar. Jo is the founder of the Unity Coalition @ SMU, which unites minority students in the fight against white supremacy through education and community service. Last summer, Jo took part in Point’s Nonbinary People’s Day Discussion, available here.

Ari Peró is a Point Flagship Scholar studying Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. In February 2018, Ari helped found Students Demand Action, a national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to ending gun violence. Ari was featured in last month’s Monthly Update. You can read the article on their love for coffee on the Point scholar blog

Watch the full panel below and share a message of hope & affirmation with LGBTQ students by signing the Out in Higher Ed pledge.


Make sure to apply for -- or share with eligible students -- Point's Community College or Flagship Scholarship before Jan. 4! 

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